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Grant Guidelines & Application


Welcome to Answers for Angels’ Grant Guidelines & Application page. We encourage you to read the Guidelines for Grant Applicants page before getting started. This document will help you determine your eligibility to receive a grant; read about the procedures and when the application is reviewed; to provide information on when you will receive a notice of the award; and understand the conditions of the grant and reporting your statements or testimony.


If you have questions about the application below, please feel free to contact us directly at (815) 600-3215 or email us at (Hours: 10am-4pm CST),


Getting Started on the Grant Application


1. To get started on the Grant Application, you must first check your eligibility via the Guidelines for Grant Applicants page. If you are eligible, you can begin your application.


2. Important: The grant application must be completely filled out for the $350 grant to be considered. All applicants will receive an acknowledgement via email or standard letter in the mail regarding approval/denial of the application request. If approved, NO cash grants are given; rather the funds go directly to the provider. You may apply multiple times until you reach the lifetime grant of $350.


3. Please be prepared to furnish us with patient information, (including Date of Birth, type of cancer & stage), as well as a detailed description of the Circumstances for Need narrative, and the purpose of request for which you are seeking support. To complete the application, you will also need to provide the amount you are requesting.


4. Having this information prepared ahead of time will help ensure the application process goes smoothly. To help you prepare for completing a Grant Application, download the file and save it to your hard drive. Once the grant application, Media Release, and Short-Term Feedback Testimony forms (see paragraph below) are downloaded and filled out, please email/mail all forms to or Answers for Angels, Review Committee, 21201 S. Elsner Road, #607, Frankfort, IL 60423.


Media Release Form


In order to receive the grant, you must fill out the Media Release Form, that allow Answers for Angels and its employees, agents, and volunteers to use your photo and/or story for its future publications, social media, and publicity purposes. After this file is downloaded, saved, and filled out, please email/mail both this form and the Grant Application forms to or Answers for Angels, Review Committee, P.O. Box #607, Frankfort, IL 60423.


Short-Term Feedback/Testimony Form


Perhaps there was a consultation with an Integrative Oncologist that you need assistance in paying; or maybe your child who has cancer wishes for a gift card to his or her favorite store – Answers for Angels would like to hear about your experiences 30 days after you receive the grant.


Please download the Short-Term Feedback/Testimony form, save to your hard drive, fill out, and email/mail it back to or Answers for Angels, Review Committee, P.O. Box #607, Frankfort, IL 60423.


Answers for Angels hope you were satisfied with the grant application process. We welcome any critique or improvements from the patient or their immediate family. We ask you to take the time to provide feedback on the grant application process or any progresses or regresses the patient has made in their well-being. Thank you.